Taxation on Investment Holding Companies Seminar

Start Date - 23-Oct-2018
End Date - 23-Oct-2018
Time - 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Registration at 08:30 AM)
Venue - Revenue House, Auditorium Level 5



This seminar is designed for companies whose principal activity is that of investment holding.  An investment holding company owns investments such as properties and shares for long-term investment and derives investment income such as rental, dividend and interest, which could be from Singapore or overseas.

At the seminar, we will cover the taxation of investment holding companies, the tax exemption of certain foreign income, as well as how to claim for foreign tax credit in respect of foreign income remitted to Singapore.

New companies and companies not represented by tax agents are encouraged to attend the seminar.

Seminar Topics:

– Overview of Corporate Tax

– Taxation of Investment Holding Companies

– Tax Exemption of Foreign-sourced Income

– Foreign Tax Credit (including the Foreign Tax Credit Pooling System)

– Case Study

Registration is on a first come first served basis. All participants are required to register with a unique email address.

Due to limited seats and to allow more businesses to benefit from the seminar, each company is allowed up to two participants.