ASME Membership FAQs
a. Who are the members of ASME?

Targeted at local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), our members comprise of business owners and senior management staff of SMEs. Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and organisations that do not meet the eligibility criteria of the membership can join ASME as an Associate member.

b. What are the types of membership offered by ASME?
ASME offers three types of membership namely, Corporate, Individual and Associate. Kindly click here for more information on membership types and categories.
c. What is the difference between the Corporate and Individual Membership?
The key difference is that Corporate Membership will accord up to three applicants of the company to enjoy benefits and privileges tied to the membership. The Individual Membership will accord benefits and privileges only to the applicant. Please click here for more information on benefits and privileges accorded to members.
d. What are the Membership Programmes available?
ASME offers two Membership Programmes - Platinum and Corporate. The Membership Programmes are differentiated by the benefits and privileges accorded to each Programme and there are different membership categories listed under each Programme. Click here to find out more about the Platinum Membership Programme.
e. How do I go about joining ASME as a member?
The membership application can be submitted either online or by completing an application form.
Should you wish to submit your application online, kindly click here to access the online application form.
Alternatively, you can download the membership application form here. Upon completing the application form, you can fax it to 6513 0378  or email to .


f. How long does it take to process the application?
Upon receipt of the completed membership application form and required supporting documents, you will be informed on the status of your application within seven working days.
g. What is the validity period for the Membership?
The membership is valid for one year from the month of which the membership is approved or renewed.
h. How will the membership fees be billed?
The membership fees shall be paid annually. Members will receive a membership renewal notification one month before the expiry of their membership.
i. How do I make payment for the membership?
Payment can be made by cheque payable to ASME.
Please attach the cheque with the completed application form, ACRA business profile and name cards of applicants, and mail documents to:
Member Services
Association of Small & Medium Enterprises
167 Jalan Bukit Merah
Tower 4, #03-13
Singapore 150167
You may also contact Member Relations at 6513 0373/0367 for assistance. Alternatively, please email your enquiry to .
j. How should I cancel, suspend, or change my membership?
Please provide 30 days advance notice in writing to cancel or change your membership. The notice for a change or cancellation must be given by the first of any month in order to apply for the following month.
To proceed, you can send an email to to indicate your request or write-in to:
Member Services
Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
167 Jalan Bukit Merah
Tower 4, #03-13
Singapore 150167
k. Is the membership transferable?
The membership is non-transferable.
Should you wish to seek further clarifications, please contact Member Relations at 6513 0373/0367. Alternatively, you can email to .
l. What are the benefits extended to members?
As a member, you will enjoy preferential rates in attending events and activities organised by ASME. Besides providing the platform for business networking, we provide members with opportunities to grow their business in both the local and overseas markets through our business missions and trade fairs. We also equip members with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow their enterprise in areas like business advisory, training, branding, enterprise development, productivity enhancement, risk management and much more.
Please click here to refer to the extensive list of benefits and privileges offered exclusively to members.
m. Will I receive any member’s kit upon enrolment?
Upon commencement of your membership, you will receive a welcome letter.
n. As a member, can I incorporate the ASME logo into our marketing collateral?
We regret to inform that the use of ASME’s logo strictly prohibited and is limited to the Association. Nonetheless, all members of ASME are encouraged and welcome to mention the phrase “A Member of ASME” in your corporate collateral and corporate website.
For further clarifications, you may contact Member Relations at 6513 0373/0367. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to .
o. How can I update my personal particulars?
You can login to the Members’ Portal to edit and update your personal particulars. Alternatively, you may email your details to