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Entrepreneurs’ Digest is a bi-monthly magazine published by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises. It is the first SME-centric magazine in Singapore that provides educational pieces as well as resources that assist SMEs in improving their business performance and operations. The magazine also encompasses articles relevant to Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs), educating them about the latest business trends and the market outlook in Singapore. Aside from print, we also have an online platform at www.articles.asme.org.sg.

Latest Issue

July/August 2018 (Issue 80)

In This Issue:

  1. Cover story – Mr Dutch Ng, CEO of i-Sprint Innovations
  2. A cloud-based endpoint security solution provides SMEs with a proactive and predictive approach. What are some new viewpoints for businesses to deploy cybersecurity in the cloud?
  3. Find out the 6 ‘Essentials’ that can effectively protect any organisation against targeted attacks.


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