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Logo Rationale for ASME

Designed to resemble a key, the logo accentuates the central role of ASME to help local enterprises unlock their business potential. By equipping them with strong business knowledge and creating a conducive business environment, our Association helps them Start, Manage and Expand their business.

The 4 initials of the Association A, S, M, E are interconnected and sealed in a circle to represent the strong network that ASME has with the SME community and encapsulate how ASME links the public and the private sectors together, across all platforms.

The red circle symbolises the unification, reflecting the unity within our Association, membership and industry sectors with a common goal of helping SMEs in Singapore. RED, our national colour, is used to show our solidarity as a truly Singaporean organisation, determined and steadfast as we contribute in national development through our facilitation of SME growth. Red, also the colour of vigour, captures our passion and zeal to help local enterprises get off the ground.

The combination of the colours and symbolic elements create a logo that truly reflects the new and dynamic organisation that ASME has evolved into over the years as we continue to serve the interest of Singapore SMEs, helping them grow and develop against a fast-changing business environment.