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To date, ASME represents approximately 11,000 local SMEs and 18,000 individual business owners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.  With our extensive network of members and partners, we believe ASME is able to provide advertisers with an effective platform to interact and be in contact with businesses from various industry segments.

ASME Marketing Avenues help advertisers produce spectacular results from 3 main platforms – the Online MediaPrint Media and ASME Events.

For more information, email us at bd@asme.org.sg or call us at 6513 0376/0379.


Below is a summary of ASME Marketing Avenues you can tap on to maximise your reach to our members:


Online Media

Online media is the best platform to reach affluent and influential business leaders and C-level executives. Research shows that business leaders spend more time, especially hard-to-reach business hours, on the Web than they do with other media. With heavy at-work traffic, ASME Marketing Avenues via Online Media is the best way to reach and influence the business leadership market.


Reach out to over 9,000 SME Business Owners, Directors, Senior Level Managers and Decision Makers in one of the most effective marketing avenues that is fast, fuss-free and easy!


Attracting an average of 77,000 new visitors and an average of 3.8 million hits, web banners on ASME’s website are a great way to channel visitors to your website! Visited almost exclusively by SME leaders, your web banners will be seen by your target audience.


Print Media

Create your own Print campaign but looking for the right platforms to reach out to SMEs? Look no further with the following options:


Launched in September 2004, this bi-monthly publication provides the information resource for the development of SMEs’ businesses. The first local SME-centric publication also prides itself in providing quality and effective advertising avenues for ASME members, associates, partners and all entrepreneurs in Singapore. An educational approach via an editorial in the Entrepreneurs’ Digest will allow your potential customers to understand your products and objectives more thoroughly.


Events organised by ASME

ASME Events are an exclusive avenue to reach local SMEs via an ASME endorsed event, a unique opportunity to directly interact with the SME owners and introduce or reinforce your brand association and brand awareness. Events can be customized accordingly to sponsors’ needs, which provide a great amount of flexibility to mould the event to fit the target audiences and achieve your goals.


Networking is rapidly becoming the most successful method of forming business alliances. Many local companies benefit from their involvement in ASME Networking Nights (ANN) throughout the year.


Focusing on a myriad of dynamic topics, workshops and seminars are also conducted for ASME members to educate and introduce the newest, most beneficial tips for all aspects of their business.

These events are held for the main purpose of equipping our SMEs with the appropriate tools they need to succeed.


Email us at bd@asme.org.sg for Event Sponsorship/Media Rates.